About Milk’nHunee 

MNH Is a movement for female unity. It is everything that promotes the value and strength of a woman.

It is every initiative that protects and supports women.

Milknhunee Is driven by conversation, about how we relate with each other,with the intentionto reflect on ourselves so that we understand who we are in order to become better versions of

the self.

By doing so we are able to become the change we want to see.

We need a platform that gives rise to the spirit of unity and that platform is Milknhunee because

we cannot continue to be a nation that speaks or promotes hate, we cannot continue to say

“Women Hate Each Other! ”

By sharing our experiences we can learn and teach each other.

By speaking about the problem we can find the cause and deal with it.

By realizing our weaknesses we become stronger, giving more room for change.

MilknHunee is inspired by the statement that is at the tip of every woman’s tongue, which is…

Women don’t love each other!

I was tired of hearing such, I was tired of holding a grudge

against women around me. I was tired of being a victim to other women who hurt me.

I did not like the energy of hate, I thought about the land of Milk and honey, the promised land. That is

why I chose to call it Milknhunee.

MNH already exists and every Woman who advocates for any kind of sisterhood is already living

MNH, I just created a platform that will bring it all together.

I want to create a culture of

Milknhunee moments .

I want women to speak about MNH moments

but most importantly

I want to see myself become MilknHunee first so that I am able to sprinkle every woman with


It shall no longer be a sisterhood it shall be MILKNHUNEE .