About Milk’nHunee¬†

The movement is called MilknHunee and I refer to my fellow female nation as the Cookie Jar for obvious reasons.

MilknHunee is inspired by “The promise land”, a land made of milk ¬†and honey, which is generally accepted by society as a metaphor meaning all good things. The direction that I envision is having the good outweighing the bad as far as women interaction is involved.

H E L L O ¬† L A D I E Sūüíē

There are many great things I can think of as soon as you mention a woman. We are simply amazing, warm, fragile and Tolerant, the list is endless. We love hard and really I could write a book about how great women‚ô° are but…

There are those things that need a lot of improvement, things we hate to hear but love to do.  We do tend to pull each other down more than usual and I hate to mention it because its almost as if we have gotten comfortable with acts of unkindness towards each other.

I guess the real question is are we doing enough to love and support each other as sisters?

My aim here is to  reflect on moments and common encounters we go through as women. I would like for us to talk about the issues that affect us as women and sometimes turn us against each other.

I would like for us to build each other, build a sisterhood and archive great moments in history.

The Topic is always interesting because every female has a story to tell about another female.

Remember this:”we are better off United because together we are able to do better”


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